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Barton-on-Sea Extension Approved after Objections

A much needed extension to provide three upstairs bedrooms and sea views to a chalet bungalow in Barton-on-Sea was approved last week. Neighbours objected on grounds of supposed overshadowing and the application was discussed at a local council committee meeting. We produced supporting information including an overlay of the plans onto a satellite image (below) and some sun-shadow diagrams to demonstrate that the effect would be minimal.

It can be quite difficult for neighbours to appreciate the overall effect of a development on their property based on standard planning drawings, so we were happy to help.

Supporting information and changes to planning drawings during a planning application are included within our fee quotes.

The committee meeting agreed that the effect on the neighbour was minimal and their approval was recorded on the planning application.

In order to achieve the final planning approval however, the planning officer requested a minor change, and in the spirit of neighbourliness, we altered the roof design a little.

Do you have a home improvement project in mind, does it need planning or building control approval? If so, drop us a line and we will provide a free consultation.

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