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planning applications

You’ll probably need planning permission if you want to:

  • build something new

  • make a major change to your building, eg building an extension

  • change the use of your building

Some building projects don’t need planning permission. This is known as ‘permitted development rights’

We deal with most planning applications in-house, but if your project is complicated or contentious, we will recommend a planning consultant to assist with the application.

Your local planning authority (LPA) will decide whether to grant planning permission for your project based on its development plan. It will not take into account whether local people want it.

To decide whether a planning application fits with its development plan, an LPA will look at:

  • the number, size, layout, siting and external appearance of buildings

  • the infrastructure available, eg roads and water supply

  • any landscaping needs

  • what you want to use the development for

  • how your development would affect the surrounding area, eg if it would create lots more traffic

In most cases, planning applications are decided within 8 weeks. In England, for unusually large or complex applications the time limit is 13 weeks.

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