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  • Rob Nabney

Should an architectural firm use stock images on their website?

Architect's Front Page Image

Do they?

I had assumed that all projects on an architect's site were their own, but here's something I was surprised about, maybe you could try it too; right-click on any website image (not the one above, it has a menu options screenshot in it) and choose "Search Google for image", I clicked on one site's front page image and got a search result page that contains thousands of other websites, all with the same image. Here are the results for the image above:

Google Image Search Results

Our website has been cobbled together over the years in-house by me, not a web designer, so I know what goes into it even if it's a little clunky. I've been meaning to contact previous clients to get some nice after-photos, but coordinating this is time consuming, and we're really busy. Personally, I haven't been tempted to use stock images of completed projects (other than some generic background images of skyscrapers etc), because I think it's not entirely honest.

So, do you think it's OK?

Please answer Yes or No on our anonymous survey, you can complete it in less than 3 seconds:

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