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A Small Extension Can Make a Big Difference

Updated: May 24, 2021

At Now Architecture we work on a whole range of projects from commercial sites, new builds and large developments. However, its often the small extensions which give the most satisfaction because they really make a difference to everyday life. By creating more space, light, extra bedrooms, a family dining area or just more storage, a small extension or house remodel means families don’t have to move house, children can have a bedroom each, parents have an office rather than the kitchen table to work and families have open plan space to be together. We approach these projects holistically. So looking at the house as a whole and designing from the brief to the building. Maximising space, light and flow are often key features but we listen to clients requirements and design thoughtfully. We love designing a liveable space that makes a real difference.

So hail to the small extension and all the happiness they can bring!!

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