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Now Architecture is an innovative, experienced and friendly firm based in Dorset and London, working on residential and commercial projects.  


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what makes us different?


3D designs as standard

We offer computer-generated images and videos during the design stage.

​As well as the usual PDFs, designs are issued as 3D interactive models viewable on any browser - you can walk through your new home before a single brick is laid!. 


reality capture 

Using special LiDar equipment, we will scan your building to enable us to create an accurate 3D model in our architectural software. This ensures that the proposed changes will work and helps avoid expensive problems that can arise from measurement errors.


unlimited changes

We go over and above to ensure the final designs are exactly what our clients want with unlimited changes within the scope of our initial instruction during the design process issued in three sets of drawing issues, plus a finalised issue for planning.

planning guarantee

We will submit your planning application, negotiate with the planning officer and any make changes required to ensure your application is approved. Furthermore, if your application is refused, we will redesign a new scheme based on the original scope for free! Please check our Ts & Cs on our quote for full details of this offer.

building regulations drawings

Once approved, we can produce more detailed drawings suitable for building control and for tendering purposes. Where required, we will incorporate designs from external consultants such as engineers, kitchen designers etc. Every steel beam and post is modelled accurately to ensure that the 3D model is as close to the end result as possible, further avoiding problems!

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