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Your household planning project and Covid-19 Coronavirus

Planning departments of local government are still operating with all parties taking the necessary social distancing procedures.

Planning officers are working from home and we have developed procedures where we can produce planning designs without entering your house. The procedures vary according to the property type, available online information and any measuring equipment you may have at home, whether that's your child's 30cm school ruler, the tape measure from your sewing kit or a smartphone measuring app. We can visit, take external measurements and discuss your project while talking through an open window at a suitable distance apart! (Depending on current government advice).

Once the current crisis is over and your planning application or permitted development scheme is approved, we will check-measure the property and then submit a minor amendment application if required, for FREE.

Now is the perfect time to have a look at the four walls around you and imagine how they might be transformed, get your planning permission, builders quotes and other info in place and be ready to get started once life gets back to normal.

Easy Finance payments

To further help our non-business clients, as well as not charging VAT on our fees as a non VAT registered business, we will also offer a new payment plan option where your payment can be spread over 12-18 months interest free.

Planning Approved During Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis

East Dorset District Council today (24th March 2020) approved this side and rear extension to a bungalow.

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